the original Ultimate Cleanse

The Ultimate Cleanse

A powerful yet gentle spring clean for your inside, Natures way to tune up your body.

The Ultimate Cleanse is a full intestinal and colon cleansing program which is completed over ten days. It leaves you feeling fresh, revitalised, light and clear.

It has been formulated from a traditional herbal combination, which forms a unique process of detoxification involving the entire body.

Its a very good idea to, once a year, use a herbal detox to clean our intestines and colon because undigested food particles attract bacteria and parasites. A mucoid plaque can be present in our intestines, because of acidity, and/or poor digestion. This plaque, if present, is gently removed/disolved during our herbal detox cleanse.

Why do a Herbal Detox (short for detoxification) or Colon Cleanse?

The intestines are a continuous canal from the mouth to the rectum and anything still in transit is classed as being outside your body. We all take care to keep our body clean so the tissue remains healthy. With the intestines however it is more important because it is a site of absorption. Maintaining a healthy digestive system is the foundation for healing on all levels.

A good pro-biotic culture is included and essential to take after any detox to ensure proper bowel population of friendly bacteria. These friendly bacteria keep the so called bad bacteria at bay and assist with maintaining a healthy digestive system, promote digestion and elimination of the bowel.

Even a full colonic performed without a full intestinal pre-cleanse is treating only half of your digestive tract because the small intestine and liver are not treated.

This treatment will greatly increase the effect of other therapies because all other organ systems in our body depend on a healthy digestive tract.


A full breakdown of the Ultimate Cleanse is provided with the herbal cleanse kit which gives day by day instructions. A brief overview is given here.

Prior to undertaking this kind of program it is advisable to seriously consider whether you will be able to cope with the dietary changes. At least three days of preparation is recommended.

Avoid the following completely if possible.

    • Chlorinated or fluoridated water
    • Meats in general
    • Dairy products in general
    • Bread and wheat containing products in general
    • Refined or processed foods in general
    • Preserves and pickles
    • Eggs
    • Nuts and beans
    • All fried foods
    • Sweets and soft drinks


Drink and eat plenty of the following.

    • Non chlorinated water
    • Fresh salads
    • Fresh fruit
    • Steamed vegetables
    • Baked vegetables (not fried)
    • Home made soups
    • Unsweetened yogurt
    • Fruit and vegetable juices
    • Herbal teas
    • Herbs and spices


If you can manage a week on this diet then you will certainly be able to manage the intestinal and colon cleanse program. The reason for changing the diet is to give the digestive system a rest, with less energy being used to digest meats and grains the cleansing herbs are more effective.

The Ultimate Cleanse

Detoxify ! Then you can heal.

Detoxify organs and tissues • Increase metabolism • Strengthen defenses • Lose weight

This 10 or 25 day program comes with full instruction booklet which covers diet, juicing, colonic therapy treatment, plus full daily directions for the herbal cleanse kit.

The Ultimate Cleanse Contents

Cleansa (100 capsules): 20 g Psyllium husk, 18 g Wormwood bark, 10 g Cascara sagrada bark, 2 g Slippery elm bark, 1 g Fennel seed

Digestaid (100 capsules): 12 g Fennel seed, 12 g Peppermint leaft, 9 g Dandelion root powder, 9 g Barley grass leaf, 7 g Cayenne fruit powder, 7 g Ginger rhizome, 5 g Licorice root

Gentlelax (100 capsules): 60 g Psyllium husk, 5 g Carob powder, 50 g Guar gum

Supafood (100 capsules): 33 g Barley grass powder extract, 12 g Alfalfa powder, 0.1 g Bilberry powder

Probiotic Multi-9 (10 capsules): Restores the nine most important live bacteria found in our intestines

Full in depth instruction booklet with day planner, menu and recipe suggestions


Because your intestines represent such a huge surface area and it is where you absorb nutrients from your food it is no wonder that this kind of cleanse has great results.

Apart from having higher energy levels, metabolism speeds up in general. Allergies may decrease although sensitivities to unhealthy foods may increase. This is because your body will be better able to identify what it is encountering. This means also that enzyme secretions to particular food groups will improve and digestion of foods is more efficient.

Emotional issues can also be addressed when going through this program. Because our intestine is an emotional organ it often connects food with emotional needs. This is an important area to look at when doing any kind of natural healing because bringing the physical body into fuller function will allow emotional healing to take place also.


The most effective detox system you will ever use to cleanse your intestines, liver and kidneys.
You will be amazed at what comes out of your bowels and how light and energetic and clear minded you feel afterwards. Our herbal detox is the finest available colon cleansing system available in New Zealand and Australia.

What does The Ultimate Cleanse do?

The Ultimate Cleanse contains 15 highly effective herbs, in capsule form, to be taken at different times during the day to cleanse your body in three steps.

Step 1. Compacted fecal matter and mucus from years of eating unhealthy processed foods are softened by powerful herbs and flushed out of your entire 7 metre length of intestines. Any parasites are also flushed out.

Step 2. Wholesome herbs and healing foods detoxify and cleanse your liver, kidneys and the lymphatic system. By this time you will be feeling like a new person.

Easy-to-understand instruction booklet
You get an easy-to-read full instruction booklet including a list of healing foods you are able to eat during your cleanse. Also tasty breakfast, lunch and evening meal recommendations for each day of your cleanse.

All these health problem may respond to The Ultimate Cleanse

    • Skin problems.
    • Digestive problems such as bloated feeling, sluggish bowels, gas, digestive discomfort and parasites.
    • Allergies can be reduced due to the avoidance of allergenic and highly processed foods.
    • Joint mobility issues may be alleviated due to less systemic toxins / acidity after doing the cleanse, especially when natural supplements are being used and a healthy diet is maintained.
    • Bad breath due to a healthier balance between the different bacteria in our gut.
    • Fatigue and Low energy can be resolved. Due to the reasons mentioned above the system becomes more alkaline, one of the benefits is that the bloodstream can carry more oxygen to the cells, this may result in a feeling of wellbeing and more energy.
    • Weight management, many people find it easier to make positive changes in their diet.


What foods am I allowed?
Most vegetables and all fruits (either whole, or as juices or salads), unsweetened yoghurt, avocados, olive oil, herbal teas, natural condiments, Celtic sea salt, rock salt, apple cider vinegar, herbs and lots of pure water. Usually as you do the cleanse you will lose a desire for unhealthy foods and sweets. These changes can be life-long.

Can I continue to work or travel?
Certainly, as long as you are not far from a toilet. You can be passing motions several times a day.

Am I allowed coffee, tobacco or alcohol?
The Ultimate Cleanse is an ideal time to quit these habits. However if severe withdrawal symptoms occur, do not overstress your self, just cut back as best you can. You will still benefit greatly from the cleanse.

Should I stop my prescription drugs?
Continue taking any current medications and consult your doctor about any changes.
PLEASE NOTE; please take any medication away from the Gentlelax. The Gentlelax is designed to absorb metabolic waste material and can absorb some of the chemicals from medication.

Always read the labels and use only as directed. If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional. If you are on prescribed medication please check with your doctor.


The Ultimate Cleanse kit, the original ultimate herbal detox

The Ultimate Cleanse, retails at (NZD) $99.00

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