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The Liver and the Intestines are the body's primary defense barriers for protection from reactive toxins and infectious organisms. Defective function of these organs directly increases the toxic burden, which in turn affects the immune and nervous systems, producing dysfunction.

The Liver's main job is to break down substances that are toxic to the body and to change it's form so it can be secreted through the urine or the bile. But if we are for example constipated for more than two days this bile is not leaving the body quick enough and toxins are partly reabsorbed through the intestines. This means the liver has to work double as hard.

The intestines are easily compromised by overeating, eating 'on the run', eating at irregular times or skipping meals, eating a heavy meal later in the evening or close to going to bed, too little fibre and insufficient protein in the diet.

The above mentioned common habits can result in an imbalance in the flora that colonise our digestive system. This means that other not beneficial bacteria can outgrow the good ones. This microbial 'dysbiosis' may result in the creation of microbial toxins, which can decrease the integrity of the gut wall.

This means a Chronic activation of immune and nervous tissues by toxic accumulations, and is in essence the cause of most chronic degenerative diseases. Improving and repairing defective gut and liver function allows the body to heal itself, and reverses the processes of degeneration.

One of the best ways to make a start towards wellness is doing a herbal detox to cleanse your colon, liver and intestines. One of the best cleanses available in New Zealand is the Ultimate Cleanse.

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Last feedback for the Ultimate Cleanse Kit

Hi, Just to let you know that I completed the 10 day detox last week and I have the following to report:- Prior to the detox I was lethargic, tired and had a very unsettled stomach. My total cholesterol was high at the brink of taking medication for it. Total was cholesterol was 7.4. I chose to do the 10 day detox with the 7 day cleans prior. I followed the detox to the letter and I did suffer with my kidneys in the first week. I powered on through and continued to follow the diet strongly. I then began taking the capsules and followed them through to completion last week. My latest total cholesterol is 4.2 with both HDL and LDL way in the green zone. My energy is back and I feel more active and positive. I thought I would send this on as while I read many of your reviews prior to purchasing the detox I was extremely happy that I worked through the colon cleanse. Thanks a lot!




Hi There. I have just finished your herbal detox and all I can say is A MAZE ING!! I feel fantastic. best thing I have ever done, I feel energised. Am getting married next week, with a glowing complexion a smaller waistline, and cleaned from inside out. Thank you. p.s I will recommend this to everyone!!!




Kia ora, I have just completed the Ultimate 10 day Detox. It's been 17 days since we prepared and then took the herbal capsules. Wow so many benefits to tell you about that have happened for me. My partner bought this as a birthday present and the results have been amazing. I am 44 tomorrow! Thank you I am very grateful for this product, the book was very helpful reading and the website did support me when I was feeling like I needed forbidden foods outside of the plan.


Noho ora mai Anna



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Powerful Milk Thistle combined with essential Vitamins and Electrolytes for your Liver health

Liver Cleanse

Your liver is the largest internal organ in your body. It removes waste and toxins from your blood and plays an important part in the process of absorbing vitamins and minerals.

With all the toxins and poisons that you absorb through your food and the atmosphere, it is important to help the liver do its job. Liver Cleanse contains effective herbs, vitamins and minerals that support your liver while it purifies and cleans your blood.

Milk thistle is the main ingredient in Liver Cleanse and works to protect and restore the liver from toxic damage, while also aiding liver regeneration.

Liver Cleanse contains B vitamins for energy and stress relief, vitamin C for protection, cell regeneration and additional antioxidant activity.

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